Closing Our Doors

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Dear Clients,

Thank you for your business and support over the years.

Due to our growing families and other career time obligations, we are unable to dedicate the necessary time to grow Xtreme Services LLC into a competitive and sustainable business in the current market.

With sad news, we will be closing Xtreme Services LLC on June 1, 2015 after 14 years of local web hosting and development services.

This letter is to give you a 90 day notice to allow time to transition your web hosting and domain services to another provider.

We are reviewing our accounting records to pay any outstanding invoices and refunds for hosting beyond June 1, 2015. We will be in contact to confirm our current balance owed and to resolve any outstanding issues.

Again, we want to thank you for your support and for choosing us as your local web hosting provider over the years.

If you have any questions, please email


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    Xtreme Services has been an excellent partner to us in providing the services we need to our clients. Reasonable prices, excellent and professional service, modern features, and excellent uptime are all reasons we use them ourselves. — Jacob Padgett Owner/Web Developer

    If there is ever a problem or something that needs to be fixed (which there rarely is) they are quick to respond and dedicated to making it right in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this company and am looking forward to the years of service with them ahead. — Steve Brock

    Jeremy is professional and promptly answers my questions immediately and if I need a more detailed explanation he goes the extra mile to get me those answers. For the same price as the big companies, I get personal service from a local company. — Lee Bjella

    Their prices are competitive, but when you also consider the value of the personal service that they provide, they are downright cheap! — Bob Bridges /

    Xtreme Services, has been a huge help and has gone above and beyond the expected to make sure that we – and our customers – are happy and taken care of. We recommend Xtreme Services. — Neil and Keith Eneix Owners and Founders of